Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching Up

Hello, AGUers

I hope this finds you all doing well. I'm sorry that I haven't written in awhile, I always open up the website then just get stuck trying to figure out what to write. The truth is, a lot has been going, but nothing too interesting. I'm in the classroom everyday with my students. When I'm not in the classroom, I am busy relaxing with my friends and babysitting my beautiful niece.

I am teaching four tenth grade classes. Although far from perfect, I have really enjoyed my student teaching experience. Right now, my students are reading "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare. Although Shakespeare is a bit tough for some of my students, overall they are doing a great job with it!

I go and visit my niece once a week. She has turned into quite a healthy, beautiful baby girl. She is almost three months old. Every time I see her and hold her, I am amazed at how quickly I have fallen in love with a person who can't even talk back to me. She has started smiling more and more and every time I see her I can't believe how fast she seems to be growing. I don't have my camera with me right now, but I will post some pictures very soon.

I just finished reading Sleepy's post on her reflections on her first semester of college and it got me thinking about all the wonderful experiences and opportunities I've had throughout my college career. It's hard to believe that I will be done with college in only a few, short months. I hope that you also are all happy about how your college lives are going so far. Each of you obviously have the drive and determination to make the most of your lives, that is evident by your trip to Maryland. = ) I hope that in three or so years, when you are looking back at the highs and lows of college, that coming to Maryland makes the top of your lists. = )

Well, I'm off to go lesson plan for my students. I miss you all dearly, please drop me an email anytime.

Your friend,

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Sanae said...

Hi Nikki!
Hoe are you doing these days?
You had already graduated MD?

I'm going to go Phillipina tomorrow to study English! I will post my blog so if you have time, please look:)