Sunday, November 23, 2008

Julie Love Slatkin

On Thursday, November 20th, my sister-in-law had a beautiful, baby girl. Julie Love Slatkin was born at 7:57 pm. She came six weeks early, but she is a healthy girl. She has to stay at the hospital for a few days so that the doctors and nurses can make sure that she is developing okay. I've been to the hospital everyday to hang out with little Julie. She is my first niece and I'm so excited to have a little baby in the family!

Your friend,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did

Hello, all,

Today is a very exciting day in American history. Yesterday, the polls opened, the people voted, and the results trickeled in. Senator Barack O'Bama is going to be the President of the United States starting on January 20, 2009. I am so happy and excited that I don't even know how to describe it!

Yesterday was my first time voting in a Presidential general election. In the U.S, you have to be 18 to vote and during the last election I was ony 17. I waited in line for over an hour, but it was worth it because voting gives a voice to all people. In some places, people waited in line for over three hours so that they could cast their ballots.

Last night, I began watching ABC news at 6. Enough of the results were in by 11 so that is when they announced that Senator O'Bama won. My friends and I watched it all together and then celebrated together.

I think that this election will change both American and world history.

Your friend,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Hello, all!

I've had a very fun Halloween weekend. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love seeing everybody dressed up in different costumes. My friends and I celebrated Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

My friends came up with some very creative costumes. One girl, Amy, was "partly sunny with a chance of rain." She is the one in the blue outfit with clouds. Then, when people asked her what she was she would spray them with a water bottle. My friend, Kristin, was Quail Man. You all probably don't know who that is because he was a superhero on a show called "Doug" that was on when we were little. I was a devil one night and a cat the other two nights.

This may be a silly question, but do you all celebrate Halloween at all? If you do, I bet it's different than how we celebrate.

I hope you are all doing well in your classes and such. For me, it seems like this semester is going by very fast. I can't believe that I'm a senior and only have one semester left.

Your friend,

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