Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Michael = )

Hello, all!

I had an amazing week. My boyfriend, Michael from Minnesota, came to visit. He flew in late Friday night. Then on Saturday we went into D.C. When I was on the Metro I thought of you all and missed you very much. It was a lot more quiet riding on the metro with just Michael instead of 20 AGuers! In D.C we went to the new 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. It is a beautiful memorial, but it made me feel really sad. There was one women there who was mourning her family, her husband and their two kids were on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It was a really weird feeling to be there because the monument is very peaceful, but it also made me feel very emotional.

After that, we met up with Michael's dad and went bowling and to the movies. On Sunday morning I went back to D.C to watch Michael and his dad run in a 10 mile race. They both ran it really fast. Michael's final time was around 1:18. He was really sore and tired afterwards, but he felt good about his time.

On Monday we celebrated Michael's birthday. His birthday is really next week but since I won't be with him we decided to pretend like it was on Monday. We slept in, had pancakes for breakfast, went bowling, went out to a brewery, watched television, and played games. Then we had to wake up REALLY early today so that he could catch his airplane back home to go to work.

Right now I am just relaxing and watching the debate. This is the second debate between the two U.S.A presidential canidates- Senator Barack O'Bama and Senator John McCain. Our election is in less than a month. Many people say that this is the most historic, and important, election in our lifetime. I am very excited to be a part of it.

As always, I miss you all very much. Come visit!!!!!!!

Your friend,

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Kyoko said...

Hi Nikki! I miss you too. You had very nice time with your boyfriend! I'm so happy to hear that.
The teacher of American Politics class talks about election of the U.S president and American economic every class time. It's notable for us too. I can't expect which candidates will be a president.